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valentine's day week list

Valentine’s Day Week List 2020 – Hello guys, obviously today you have got come to our website to induce some information associated with Valentine’s Day. Tell us what you have got come to the proper site today, you’ll get all types of data associated with Valentine’s Day on the location. Like Valentine’s Day photos, Valentine’s Day quotes, Valentine’s all days, Valentine’s Day wallpapers, etc. But today’s article is about Space Valentine’s Day Pictures, so let’s start immediately and know. Many important questions associated with Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day HD Photos 2020 For Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram.

Full-form Of Valentine

V– Valuable

A– Asset for

L– Life And Let’s Start An

E– Everlasting

N– New Life That’s

T- Terrific And

I– Incredible. Let’s Have A

N– Nice Journey Till

E– Eternity

Valentins day picture
Valentine’s Day Picture

Valentine’s Day could be a day or festival celebrated throughout the world on 14 February. these days is extremely special for lovers. Boys girls celebrate Valentine’s Day very happily. On Valentine’s Day 2020, the boy and also the girl give one another many gifts, which is given on a big day on the day before Valentine’s Day, which are a few things like this. On today, the love between two lovers becomes strong and unbreakable. this can be the explanation that folks eagerly expect today. Share with friends Love Whatsapp Status video.

Valentine’s Day Week List 2020

  • Rose Day: Friday, 7th Feb 2020
  • Propose Day: Saturday, 8th Feb 2020
  • Chocolate Day: Sunday, 9th Feb 2020
  • Teddy Day: Monday, 10th Feb 2020
  • Promise Day: Tuesday, 11th Feb 2020
  • Hug Day: Wednesday, 12th Feb 2020
  • Kiss Day: Thursday, 13th Feb 2020
  • Valentine’s Day: Friday, 14th Feb 2020
Happy Valentines Day Image

Rose Day: Friday, 7th Feb 2020

Rose Day widely known on 7 February, Red Rose is additionally considered to be a type of love. You’ll find information associated with Rose Day and quotes, wishes, Shayari, images, wallpapers, photos, etc. on our Website. This can be the explanation that Valentine’s Day begins with Rose Day. Happy Valentine’s Day HD Images 2020 For Whatsapp & Facebook.

Rose Day Image
Rose Day Image

Propose Day: Saturday, 8th Feb 2020

Propose Day Act and open your heart on at the present time, and propose to him/her. 8th February is marked for the day. It is marked because the day of the proposal, as people are absolved to propose with a rose or ring, and also the proposed person may deny it, but isn’t to possess any hard feelings on that, thus making it a fearless propose day.

Propose Day Image
Propose Day Image

Chocolate Day: Sunday, 9th Feb 2020

Chocolate Day It’s clear from the name that on these days chocolate is given to any of your loved ones On the present time you’ll give chocolate to your lover. It’s not necessary that you simply only give chocolate to your girlfriend, you’re your ally, brother, sister, mother, father, etc., whom you’re keen on. You’ll Also buy chocolate from Amazon.

Chocolate Day Image
Chocolate Day Image

Teddy Day: Monday, 10th Feb 2020

Teddy Day Teddies are the cutest & most famous soft toys, loved by every girl. Gift a soft teddy to your girl, which is able to always remind her of you. you may find some cutest teddy to gift here. 10th February is marked for the day.

Teddy Day Image
Teddy Day Image

Promise Day: Tuesday, 11th Feb 2020

Promise Day we are saying this because very big promotions are done on this day. Which becomes a little difficult to keep up. These days are a day that completely changes your relationship. This day is bad for some and good for some that’s why we wrote this thing. We hope that you get a good promise from your girlfriend and she will definitely fulfill it.

Promise Day Image
Promise Day Image

Hug Day: Wednesday, 12th Feb 2020

Hug Day Go on! The day says it all! Give your bear–est hugs to your dearest ones. Show your hugs, in a way, in order that they’re remembered for a few times. And remember, the more hugs you give, the higher. Shower ’em, baby! 12th February is marked for the day.

Hug Day Image

Kiss Day: Thursday, 13th Feb 2020

Kiss Day as the name suggests, kiss your love on this day. But you should take care of India’s culture and your personal life. Try to kiss in seclusion, what not to do in an open environment. You may face many problems with this. This question must be coming in your mind that this is the 21st century, but we should respect our culture.

Kiss Day Image
Kiss Day Image

Valentine’s Day: Friday, 14th Feb 2020

Valentin’s Day After all days, it’s the last day, with Valentine’s Day, of these loving days come to an end. What’s something special you’re getting to do for your partner on Valentine’s Day? Please tell me by commenting. We wish you a contented Valentine’s Day together with your partner, and will this Valentine’s Day fill your life with new happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day to all or any of you.

Valentine's Day Image
Valentine’s Day Image

Valentine’s Day Special Shayari

अब तो शाम ओ सहर मुझे 😊 रहता हैं बस खयाल तेरा 🥰
कुछ इस कदर दुआओ सा मिला हैं मुझे 😐 साथ तेरा, 👰
की अब कोई शिकवा 🙏 और शिकायत नही उस खुदा से 👏
बस एक तुम्हे 👫पाकर खुशियो से भर गया ये दामन मेरा 😍 .

Bohot Chota sa list 🧾 hai Meri 🙂 Khwahishon ki,
Pehli Khwahish Bhi tum 👩‍🦰 Akhiri Bhi tum 👩‍🦰 .
Happy ❣️ Valentine ❣️ Day

दिल 💓 ये मेरा तुमसे प्यार 💑 करना चाहता है, अपनी मोहब्बत 😍 का इजहार करना चाहता है,
देखा है जब से तुम्हें 🧖‍♀️ ए मेरे सनम, सिर्फ तुम्हारा 🧖‍♀️ ही दीदार करने का दिल 💓 चाहता है.

Khushboo Ki Tarah Meri 😃 Har Saans Me,
Pyaar Apna 💑 Basaane Ka Wada Karo 🙆‍♂️ ,
Rang Jitne Tumhari 👩‍🦰 Mohabbat Ke Hain,
Mere Dil 💓 Me Sajaane Ka Wada Karo!
Happy Valentine Day My Dear.

कहता है दिल 💓 बार-बार हम तुम्हारे हैं सनम 👩‍🦰 ,
कितने दूर 😥 कितने पास 😐 प्यार होगा न कम।
लिखता हूं इस मैसेज में,
तेरी 👩‍🦰 खुशी की दुआ करेंगे हम 🙆‍♂️ दिन और रात 🕺🏼में।

After 14th February Some days, boys are called Anti-Valentine’s Day. I Post one last picture for anti valentine’s day related. I m not sure that who is celebrate these days.

anti valentine's day
Anti Valentine’s Day



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