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Wonderful WhatsApp Status, 200+ {Unique} Status for WhatsApp

Wonderful WhatsApp Status, 200+ {Unique} Status for WhatsApp: What a Status (WhatsApp Status) is here with Quality WhatsApp Status which makes you multi-nature person. Everyone is looking for different kinds of WhatsApp Statuses and Quotes with Different nature. It is hard to find all types of Statuses at one place but we have made this wonderful collection of different kind of WhatsApp Statuses like Best WhatsApp Status, Short WhatsApp Status, Friendship WhatsApp Status, along with some special kind of Cool WhatsApp Status, Attitude, Clever, Sad, Funny Status for WhatsApp and specially selected Hindi WhatsApp Status.

Wonderful WhatsApp Status, 200+ {Unique} Status for WhatsApp

We have collected almost 200+ Statuses for WhatsApp with different nature of Statuses which also includes Love WhatsApp Status and Motivational WhatsApp Status. Have a look at these special kind of collection which is all in one best ever you can find on Internet.

Best WhatsApp Status

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

I always give 100% at work: 13% Monday, 22% Tuesday, 26% Wednesday, 35% Thursday and 4% Friday.

Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.

I promise you this, no matter Any one enters your life, I will love more than any of them.
Travel to life is like css to html .

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Cranking the music up and blowing my eardrums out.

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.

Distance means nothing when someone means everything.

Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.

Silence is a source of great strength.

Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

God is really creative, I mean...just look at m!!!

No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.

I'm not lazy, I'm just on my energy saving mode.

Don’t be too optimistic. The light at the end of the tunnel may be another train.

Life is the art of drawing without a eraser.

Am gonna Make my Status………….better you too Focus on your Status only. 

Please be patient even a toilet can handle only one ass hole at a time.

Short WhatsApp Status

Courage is grace under pressure.

Alone doesn’t mean lonely, lonely doesn’t have to be alone.

I’m thankful for every moment.

All the people like us are we, and everyone else is They.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

Dream as if you’ll live forever..Live as if tomorrow is last one.

Where words fail, music speaks.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.

Patience is the art of hoping.

Every problem comes with a solution, but my GF doesn't have.

Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my status.

Humility is attentive patience.

Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.

Learning never exhausts the mind.

Every WhatsApp status is a silent message for someone 😉    ….new WhatsApp status

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.

Life doesn’t get easier u get stronger.

I never learned from a man who agreed with me.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

 Friendship WhatsApp Status

Walking with a friend in the Night is better than walking alone in the Daylight.

Good friends R hard to find, difficult to leave, impossible to forget. 

Always True Friends are Help us in Difficult Time...

A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.

A day spends with friends is always a day well spends.

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.

A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

Good Friends Are Hard to Find, Difficult to Leave, Impossible to Forget.

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

Good friends are like starts. You don't always see them but you know they're always there. 

If friendship is your weakest point then your the strongest person in the world. 

A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down

Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the ones that stay are the ones that glow
The best mirror is an old friend.

Friendship doubles your joy and divides your sorrow.

Never forget who was there for you when no one else was. 

Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you. 

World is full of smiles, whenever friends are with me.  

I don't have an attitude, I have standards for the people who are supposed to be my friends. 

Cool WhatsApp Status

Your looks don't make u Beautiful, it's the person inside who makes you beautiful. 

The best dreams happen when eyes are opened,

In “Success” all depends on the 2nd letter.

Dear Lord, there is a bug in your's called #Sunday, please fix it!

Try to solve your problem yourself... Don't Depend on other..!!

After Monday & Tuesday, even calendar says W T F..(Whatsapp, Fb, Twitter)

Silence is the best response to a fool.

A tear is made of 1% of water and 99% of feelings.

It's not an attitude, it's the way I am.

I don't have an attitude problem, I just have a personality that you can't handle.

My life my rules. _|_

Don't judge me I was born to be awesome not perfect.

I do not get drunk- I get awesome.

Time is very precious, waste it wisely.

Do not argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

The road to success is always under construction.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Born to express not to impress.

Silent people have the loudest minds.

When I was born. Devil said, 'Oh Shit! Competition!!!'

Sometimes It's better to be alone.. No one can hurt you.

I'm jealous my parents, I'll never have a kid as cool as theirs.

I'm the dude with cool attitude

Yes I am smiling and you're not the reason anymore.

Funny WhatsApp Status 

I am not lazy, I am on energy saving mode...

God is really creative, I mean.. just look at me every time!

I'm not lazy, I am on energy saving mode.

Hey, there WhatsApp is using me...

My style is unique don’t copy it plz! 

If money grew on trees, then girls would be dating monkeys..!

 I'm not failed Because my success is lost.!

I may be fat, but you're ugly – I can lose weight!

I Wonder What Happen’s When Doctor’s Wife Eats An Apple A Day 😉

Everything funnier when you're supposed to be quiet.

Never laugh at your wife’s choices… you’re one of them …

The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.

I have enough money to last me the rest of my life unless I buy something.

I always dream of being a millionaire like my uncle!… He’s dreaming too.

When I was Born DEVIL said ohh shitt, competition 

At least mosquito’s are attracted to me.

Attitude WhatsApp Status 

People like me – Great, People Don’t like me- Great, As long as i like myself that’s all that matters.

I am not a Nerd, I m just smarter than you..

Never explain yourself, Your real friends don’t need it, & Your enemies Won’t believe it..

I enjoy when people show Attitude to me coz it shows that they need an Attitude to impress me! 

 I don’t have a bad handwriting, I have my own FONT. !!

Please don’t get confused between my personality and my attitude. 

My attitude based on how u treat me.

Life will give u exactly what you need, not what you want.

Yeah U - The one reading my status, Get Lost!

Dear Mario, I wasted my childhood trying to save your girlfriend. Now, you help me to save mine. 

Me and my wife live happily for 25 years and then we met… 

Childhood is like being drunk, everyone remembers what you did, except you. 

I’m poor. I can’t pay attention in class room. 

When I'm good I'm best, when I'm bad I'm worst. 

I’m cool but global warming made me hot. 

Excuse me. I found something under my shoes oh its your Attitude.

Dear Mario, I wasted my childhood trying to save ur girlfriend. Now, you help me to save mine. 

I will marry the girl who look as pretty as in her Aadhaar card!!

I’m cool but global warming made me hot. 

Excuse me!!. I found something under my shoes ohhh its your Attitude.

Sad WhatsApp Status

Have you ever wondered what what hurts you most…Saying something that you wished had not or not saying anything and wish you had???

The worst feeling is pretending as if you don’t care at all,When in reality that’s all you can think of.

You just can’t please everybody.

It’s sad how people become what they had promised they never will.

Pain is the only thing that’s telling me I’m still alive.

"Every time I start trusting someone,they show me why I shouldn’t.##

 I fell for you, but u didn’t catch me ,,

No matter how much u have hurt me, I still pray for you every night. 

 Yesterday I was sad today i'm happy yesterday i had a problem today i still have the same problem.. 

I dont have a lot of friends#, I just know a lot of people.

One Of The Hardest Things To Do.Is To Delete Old Messages Which is sent by the GF.

Sometimes it's better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you in life!

I know my silence and my tears will heal my pain..

Everybody knows that something's wrong but nobody knows that what's going on.

If it not happy ending then there is no ending...

 I know my silence &my tears will heal my pain one day. 

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

कमी तेरे नसीबों में रही होगी, कि तू मेरी ना हुई, मैने तो कोशिश बहुत की,तुझे अपना बनाने की…

गलती उनकी नहीं …. कसूरवार मेरी गरीबी थी दोस्तों .. हम अपनी औकात भूलकर बड़े लोगों से दिल ❤ लगा बैठे 😔

तेरी मजबूरियां भी होगी चलो मान लेते हैं 😰😰 ..मगर तेरा वादा भी था मुझे याद रखने का 😩😩

मरने को मर भी जाऊँ कोई मसला नहीं, लेकिन ये तय तो हो कि अभी जी रही हूँ मैं !!

तनहा ही उम्र गुजरती है, लोग तसल्लिया देते है साथ नहीं !!

“मोहब्बत” की तरह “नफरत” का भी साल में एक ही दिन तय कर दो कोई…..ये रोज़-रोज़ की नफरतें अच्छी नहीं लगतीं..!!

कमाल का जिगर रखते है कुछ लोग… दर्द पढ़ते है और आह तक नहीं करते….

बेवजह बिछड़ तो गए हो तुम बस इतना बता दो कि सकून मिला या नहीं।

याद उन्ही की आती है, जिनसे दिल के तालुक हो , हर किसी से मोहब्बत हो ऐसा तो मुमकिन नहीं

Clever WhatsApp Status

We should love, Not fall in love...Because everything that falls, gets broken....

I am "SINGLE" Because I have not found someone, who deserves ME...!

If nobody love you, then you are doing something wrong..!.

ME without you is like: "Facebook" without friends, "Google" with no results & "Youtube" without videos!

I am type of person ,who wants to get good Marks, but doesn’t want to study!

!I might as well call you Google, B,coz you have everything that I am looking for....

My first name and your last name ,together make sound great!..

I’m a nobody, nobody is perfect, therefore I’m perfect.

Im a humble person, really. I’m actually much greater than I think I am.

My first name and your last name would sound great together.

Not all man are fools, some stay bachelors.

Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood. 

Love WhatsApp Status

जिंदगी जिने के लिए नजरो 👀 की नहि,
नजारों 😍 की जरुरत होति है. 

एक तो सुकुन और एक तुम,
कहाँ रहते हो आजकल मिलते ही नही.

छेड़ने लगीं सहेलियां उसकी, उसको मुजसे मिलने के बाद,
कि रंग क्यों बदला है तेरे होठों का उसको मिलने के बाद.

सुना 👂 है आजकल तेरी मुस्कुराहट 👩 गायब हो गयी है,
तू 👈 कहे तो फिर से तेरे क़रीब 💏 आ जाऊँ. 😍

क्या पता था कि महोब्बत 💏 हो जायेगी,
हमें 👈 तो बस तेरा मुस्कुराना 😃 अच्छा लगा था. 😞

दुनिया में सिर्फ #दिल ही है जो बिना आराम किये काम करता है,
इसलिए उसे # खुश रखो चाहे वो # अपना हो या # अपनों का.

तेरे दिल ❤ में मेरी साँसों 💓 को पनाह मिल जाये
तेरे इश्क 💑 में मेरी जां फ़ना हो जाय. 😌😘

Any home can be a castle when the king and queen be together with unconditional love.

I have an engagement ring, which is my favorite accessory.

Congratulations on your engagement! We hope you’ll be happy together.

As your two souls come together, so will your hearts well wishes on your engagement.

I wish you that quarrel; misunderstanding and misfortune will never ever touch you. Have a long and happy life together!

Don’t look for love. Quietly give it away and let if find you back. 

I’m in love with the idea of being in love. 

Sometimes following your heart means breaking someone else's 

Love means never having to say you’re sorry. 

Getting over him sounds great but being in his arms sounds a lot better. 

Your smile is more beautiful than stars. 

If you are in love you can’t get in comfort zone. 

The mind sets limits, the heart breaks them. 

Motivational WhatsApp Status / Inspirational WhatsApp Status 

"Dream big and dare to fail." — Norman Vaughan

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." — Confucius

"Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs." — Farrah Gray

Never give in, never give up, and never surrender no matter what!

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

To be rich is not what you have in your bank account, but what you have in your heart.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

"Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless." — Jamie Paolinetti

"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." — Joshua J. Marine

"Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears." — Les Brown

"Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions." — Dalai Lama
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